Mitchell Research Center or MRC is located in Hillsdale, Michigan. Our volunteers have come together to gather and preserve information about the people and places around Hillsdale County. We want to help you find people in your family tree or who lived in your house in the past, where your ancestors lived and are buried.   

Research... Mitchell Research Center (MRC) houses extensive card catalog containing births, marriages and deaths, Family files, local genealogies donated by patrons, Plat maps and much more. 

Property Historical stories and pictures of Hillsdale city and county. 

Businesses Showing how business and people of Hillsdale county changed over time.

Railroad comes to Hillsdale The story of how the Railroad came to Hillsdale and what that meant for the people and businesses.

Hillsdale 1939 Map of main business district of Hillsdale in 1939 and the names and owners. 

Our History...This section is dedicated to telling our stories.

22 N. Manning, Hillsdale Mi.  Brief story of who we are.

Hillsdale Community Library originally known as Mitchell Public Library. Mitchell Research Center resides in the old Mitchell Library building, so we give you short history of the library.  

Stories from Our Past We invite you to share your stories about family, property, in Hillsdale county. 

Genealogical Resources...  We have information that we would like to share with you. This section will tell you some of what we have at MRC to help you.

Some of what we have This is a partial list, so contact us or visit, to see if we have new information which is being donated and created all the time. 

County Township Map and Cemeteries 

Microfilm  List of our Microfilm

Stack 1 Titles  List of books in our collection

Stack 2 Titles  List of books in our collection

Stack 3 Titles  List of books in our collection

Stack 4 Titles  List of books in our collection

School Yearbooks List of yearbooks in our collection

Site Map Descriptions of the website

Visit Us...How to come for a visit or contact us to see if we can help you answer your questions. 

Where  Shows our hours, email, phone number and map.

Send Email  You can use our email form to contact us and give your genealogy research request. This page gives you information about our charges if we do the work for you.

Worshops  Periodically our volunteers schedule workshops for you to attend to become familiar with techniques to create your family history.